Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Sell Yourself and Get Promoted

When it comes to pointing out our skills and expertise to management we are usually the worst salespeople on the planet. We can sell the heck out of product A or product B and have the greatest numbers in the sales department but when it comes to us, we cringe at the fact that we are going to have to confront a management member and let them know how we feel we need a promotion or raise.

It's easy to show up to work every single day, do an incredible job, and not get anything in return but an occasional pat on the back. This happens every single year to some of the greatest workers on this planet. What's going to separate you from them? The answer is; you are going to learn how to sell yourself in order to get that promotion you want. Here is how to sell yourself and steps on how you're going to do it:

1. Don't be afraid to get a little bit closer to someone on the management team. You don't have to be someone who "brown noses," you just have to be someone who knows how to play the game. It seems these days everybody is playing everybody else and if you're not ready to go full force in the big leagues, you're going to be left behind. For example, if your manager invites everybody to a luncheon make sure you attend even though you have a prior engagement, unless it's something involving one of your kids or event that you just can't get away from. If you participate with the groups in your respective careers, this will pay off in dividends in the future. They will see you as somebody who is part of their group.

2. Carry yourself with the utmost respectability. Don't show up to work with messy hair or lipstick running down the sides of your mouth, or clothing that looks like it desperately needs to be ironed. You need to show up to work on time and look the part every single day. There are no excuses here. Show up to work one day looking rough and it will create an instant negative impression in everybody's head. By dressing impeccably and caring for yourself well you will establish another small link in a chain of respectable attributes that will make people stand up and take notice.

3. Let your manager or supervisor know that you're available for any and all training. This shows a desire to succeed in your line of work and it shows how eager you are to perform to the best of your ability.

4. Ask straight up for a chance to speak with your manager on a periodic basis. Every six months or so you should send your manager an e-mail asking to meet with him or her in private. Once there, highlight all the accomplishments you have made and let them know exactly what's on your mind. Tell them that you are hoping to get a raise or promotion. The bottom line is if you don't ask for it they will never know.

Now with everything you have learned, it's time to close the deal!

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