Thursday, November 17, 2011

Take Your McDonald's Job Application Online to the Top of the Hill

Right about now, as people are scrambling to turn in their McDonald's job application online to try to make some more money for the holidays, I sincerely hope they're looking to apply online for something more than the instant gratification of having a little bit of extra money. Call me an optimist, but with so much opportunity in this life I don't see why people don't set their sights on something bigger even if they're going to start on a smaller scale. What is it that makes people just settle for second-best?

A McDonald's Job Application Online Can Be Your Ticket to Great Success

If you take a group of 20 people and put them in one room then sequester them and ask them individually if they believe they can have a great career by starting out at McDonald's, roughly 3 to 5% of them will say "yes." The other 95 to 97% of them will say they're just getting a job at McDonald's to make ends meet. There's always been something inherently wrong in society when people can't see beyond what's on the surface of a great opportunity. It's totally human nature to believe that a McDonald's job is one that can lead you to a dead-end. However, if you ask the franchise owners worldwide who own their own McDonald's, they'll tell you they had a positive mindset when they started working an entry level job at McDonald's for the most part. These are people who believed in themselves and they believed in McDonald's. They were people who were just the same as you and I with one exception; they had a vision and big dreams. Now most of us human beings at some time have been full of big dreams and we have had results but sometimes there's one thing that we lack; and that is; vision.

The best way to describe having vision would be to look at your McDonald's job application online and see far beyond the boxes you're filling out. In this vision you would tell yourself nothing happens overnight but with hard work and patience this will pay off in huge rewards in the end. If you go in with a positive mindset like this no matter where you apply, you will come out a winner. You'll find yourself as the lion on top of the mountain basking in all your glory and celebrating your victory with your hands held way high in the air.

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