Friday, November 11, 2011

For Jobs at McDonalds Don't Sit and Wait By the Phone

If you're hoping to land one of the jobs at McDonalds and you have filled out an application online, it's wise not to just sit at home and wait by the phone for a call that may never arrive. The simple reason is; can you imagine how many people are putting forth an application to try to get hired at McDonald's? As you could imagine, far too many. With the economy the way it is these days, for every one job available there are 20 people putting in an application for it.

Jobs at McDonalds are Not the Only Ones Available

Why should you just worry about trying to put an application in for Mickey D's? There are so many other fast food restaurants available where you can gain employment and seek a great career and future. I'll give you an example; there are many stories of people who have started out as entry-level workers who have gone on to bigger and better things to the point where they could even own their own franchise. You should take the time to consider a Burger King application, Wendy's, and many other fast food places in your area. However, I really don't believe that none of them beats out one of the jobs at McDonalds.

Instead of sitting at home and waiting by the phone for a call that may never come, why not go out and follow up on your job application? It really doesn't take a tremendous amount of effort these days to submit an online application and to follow up. If you can get yourself organized, all you have to do is fill out three job applications a week and follow up on all of them the following week.The way you do this is to make a list every single week of the job applications you want follow up on. Once you have a plan in action all it takes is minimal effort to visit one of these places of business on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Once you are at any particular restaurant introduce yourself to management. You can do this by being nice and personable and asking whomever you see help in speaking to the management. A restaurant manager at McDonald's will easily be able to accommodate your request and take 30 seconds to a minute to ask to answer some of your questions. Even if you only have 1 min. to speak to the manager, introduce yourself politely and let them know what your intentions are. Inform him or her that you would love to fill out an application or if you've already filled out a job application, that you want to know how the interview process is and if it's possible that he or she can see it through so you can get an interview. This is no time to be shy. Let them know exactly what you're after and asked them to help you in any way possible. That's the secret these days to landing jobs at Mcdonalds as quickly as possible.

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