Friday, July 22, 2011

Is Mcdonalds Hiring Now?

Mcdonalds is hiring in your area!
One of the most common questions I hear all the time is, "Is Mcdonald's hiring now?"  This question is sometimes said in jest, when a person is trying to be sarcastic after losing his job so he or she can make light of and momentarily ease the pain with a chuckle at the expense of Mickey Dee's!  But for some, it's a very serious question where they are really and genuinely trying to find out if filling out a Mcdonalds online application for employment will actually help them land a job.

Every company in the world has a degree of employee turnover and fast food restaurants typically have high rates of people moving on or quitting altogether.  There are several reasons for this; some folks don't like the fast-paced atmosphere, some don't like the environment of  a fast food place and find out it's not for them, some want to continue exploring other job avenues inside and outside of the business, and there are many other reasons.  The point is; there seems to always be room for one more application for employment at Mcdonalds and franchise owners are in constant search for quality employees.  In fact many franchisees spend a lot of time trying to fill in the gaps by finding people to work for them due to a fairly high turnover rate.  They probably wish no one would even ask, "Is Mcdonalds hiring now?," and instead just assumed there were many openings because of the success of the company and the fact that many people move on to other careers.

If the high turnover concerns you, don't worry too much.  This is standard in this industry which is one full of people who are just getting a job to pay the bills without stopping to think about their long-term future.  The most successful people in this business are the ones who set goals and set a course to reach them.  For example, there are countless people who started with a Mcdonalds careers application and began as crew members only to be promoted to team leader, assistant manager,  then manager in a short period of time due to hard work and a little luck. For these folks, merely working as a crew member was not enough and they intentionally put themselves on a path to success by researching how and by putting in many hours of hard work that was noticed by other management staff members.

Instead of asking yourself, "Is Mcdonalds hiring now?" you should ask yourself what kind of career you want, where you want to be in the next five years, and where you want to be in maybe 10 years also.  Set short and long term goals.  I find people who just work to have a job don't find as much fulfillment in life. These are the type of people who, in response to you asking, "Do you like your work?" say, "No, but at least I have a job."  This is exactly the type of future you don't want to have!  And you can get there with a mere Mcdonalds job search which can hopefully turn into a full-fledged career for you.

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