Friday, July 22, 2011

After a Mcdonalds Online Application, What Next?

A Mcdonalds employment application needs a little push!
Most people go in filling out a Mcdonalds online application without bothering to find out what the process is once you fill one out.  This puts them at a disadvantage not only for making their application count, it also hinders them from finding other avenues of job opportunities elsewhere.

Mcdonalds usually calls job applicants within a relatively short period of time; their job application process is very quick and if you do not receive a call back from them within two weeks it's time to put your motors in high gear and visit them so you can have a better chance at getting considered.  However, you can help prevent the "no call" from management for an interview if you perform a little legwork of your own before you go and apply.

First, remember you need to visit the store of your choice to introduce yourself and let them know you intend to fill out an app before you proceed.  A Mcdonalds application for employment will only get you so far; you have to take other steps to ensure your efforts won't be wasted.  So, let's backtrack.

Let's say you have visited the nearby Mcdonald's of your choice and you have spoken to management, and you found out it is independently owned and perhaps the owner is actively involved in running that particular fast food restaurant.  The next thing you did was to fill out the application online and now you wait patiently for a call that seems to take forever. What has happened?  Why have they not called you back? You believe you did everything right, don't you?  Of course you did, but it's possible that you either did not pass the initial screening for their particular needs or they haven't gotten around to processing your Mcdonalds online application. At this point, before the frustration sets in, you have a few things you can do to help the process along.  If you have looked on the web site or if you have asked in person and you know there are job openings at the Mcdonalds in your area, then you need to take action in the form of following up.

This is where most applicants fail and the old saying holds true; if you don't speak up, nobody will notice you!  Additionally, what else have you done to find employment?  Have you considered any other places of business and have you applied to them, or have you put your eggs all in one basket with a Mcdonalds online application?  It would be wise and it makes more sense to spread your opportunities out across the board with other companies and you should make your job hunting much more manageable.  A job application at Mcdonalds does not guarantee that you will even have a chance at an interview, so why would you cut your chances by not applying elsewhere?

Hopefully, after you have applied online, a Mcdonalds staff member will call you back for an interview and you can get your chance to impress them.  Their interview questions are usually the basic ones such as "describe  a time when you had to handle a difficult situation with a customer at work and what was the outcome" and "tell us about yourself and why you would like to work here."  It's important to be aware of the application process when you turn in your Mcdonalds online application or for any other company in order to have the absolute best chance to get your job.

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