Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mcdonalds Job Application Online Secret to Getting Hired Quickly

Your Mcdonalds Job Application Online Secret!
There is a Mcdonalds job application online secret people are using to find a job now and get hired quickly that is almost a foolproof way to get hired to the Mickey Dee's of their choice. It's funny how some of the most effective things in life are so simple and this one is no exception. Most people use a job search engine for finding jobs these days, they fill out an employment application on the Web, and they wait for the employer to call them back for an interview before they are successfully hired; don't we all wish it were that easy?

So What's This Mcdonalds Job Application Online Secret You're Talking About?

Before we get to the meat and potatoes you have to understand there are no guarantees in where to find a job anywhere by using any one particular method. However, you can increase your chances and odds of getting hired dramatically by using certain methods. The following is one such method that has worked very well for countless people trying to apply for jobs at Mcdonalds:
  1. Visit the official MD's careers web site and search for the job you want at the store of your preference. Once you are on the search page, you can find out which job opportunities are available in your area. Once you find the particular store you hope to work at, look at the alternate choices which are nearby. Mcdonalds provides these choices so you can expand your opportunities to get hired fast.
  2. Make a list of the job openings available at the corresponding stores and get prepared for step three which will probably surprise you! Hold off on your Mcdonalds job application online for now and get ready for step three.
  3. You are going to dress up in decent clothing and visit each store during the next week at 10 AM each morning. In other words, you will make a list of 5 possible choices in your area (that's not too difficult) and you will plan on visiting each one and introducing yourself to management at each store. Keep in mind most Mickey Dees are franchises owned by people like you and I, and they have the final say-so in who's hired. The Mcdonald's web site merely makes the process easier for these owners to pick and choose candidates. You are going to cut through the middleman and go directly to the people who will do the hiring, and you can choose to visit them all in two to five days depending on your plan and availability.
  4. Be polite and courteous, and let management know you intend to submit an online application but you wanted to meet them first, and express your eagerness to build a lasting career with them. They will tell you to either apply online or they will allow you to apply using a printable job application right there at their fast food restaurant! Thank them for their time and if you weren't able to fill out an app in person, let them know you will be submitting your Mcdonalds job application online and that you will be following up within the next two weeks. 
  5. Make good on your promise and follow up. Don't be a fool and wait patiently by the phone for a call that may never come; you have worked too hard up to this point!
Once you have followed the above steps you will have had the best chance at getting hired not only at any fast food place, but pretty much just about anywhere else you are hoping to get a job opportunity. Take the time to plan your trips to the stores of your choice and try to get to to these places of business at around 10:00 AM so that you will have a better chance to talk to management. At that time, the breakfast crowd has died down and the crew is getting ready for the lunch crowd at 11:30 AM. This gives you a nice 1 1/2 hour window of opportunity to work some of your magic. Use this secret to getting hired and you will be able to make your Mcdonalds job application online work for you!

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